Only hire insured and registered contractors

There are a lot of good plumbers in and around South County Dublin. However, as with any service, they aren’t all the same. Plumbing repair rates vary from company to company. The lowest rate doesn’t always mean it’s the best choice.

Plumbing jobs can be expensive and you may be tempted to do-it-yourself. Be sure you know your limitations, and the ramifications if you do it wrong. The least of which is that when you sell the house someday, a home inspector could flag a messed up plumbing system that could cost you the sale of your house. You may know how to fix a loose tap, which is easy, but that doesn’t mean you can do the work of a master plumber.

It may even be to your benefit to hire a plumber for that “easy job” now, so you’ll be an established customer with a plumber when that middle of the night toilet backup emergency that’s about to flood the whole upstairs bedrooms and leak through the kitchen ceiling, and you can’t find the Yellow Pages to call a plumber because that went out in the recycling bin. So, you have to turn on your computer and start searching. You get the idea.

In a perfect world, you’ll find a quality plumber, who’s reliable, and affordable. So, how can you be sure you are working with a plumber who’s honest and knows what they’re doing?

Only hire registered plumbers. Don’t hire a handyman who claims to know how to do plumbing. If they mess up the job, you’ll have no recourse for shoddy work. Hiring an unqualified plumber could cost you more problems than it’s worth.

Ask your friends and neighbours for recommendations. One of the best ways to find a reliable plumber is through word of mouth from people you know and trust.

A few minutes on the phone with someone who knows how to deal with plumbing problems could save you a lot of time and aggravation.

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