84 Years in Plumbing

The Brandon family have been mechanical service engineers plying their trade as plumbers and heating engineers in and around Dublin County since 1927. Three generations of expertise and experience that pride themselves on the quality and service to our customers.

Though many advances in technology have changed the way we bring water to our homes and heat our entire houses over the last 80+ years the one thing that has remained constant in this family business and that is the quality of service James Brandon and his team provide to customers whose families rely on them to stay warm.

Being able to provide this quality of service requires the utmost commitment to understanding the latest technology. All service personnel are RGI certified and maintain regular updates with new technologies as they come to market.

This is our guarantee to you of  quality and reliability of installation and follow up customer service. We pride ourselves on the high standards we set, just as we are proud of our heritage in Irish plumbing history.

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